Schedule of Events

Tentative and Subject to Change

Friday, April 7th

6:15 Patrons & Sponsors Reception at the Chief’s Tent at Rural Hill
8:00 The Call of the Clans
8:00 Scottish Country Dancing - Welcome Dance at Hopewell Presbyterian Church

Saturday, April 8th

7:30 Piping and Drumming registration begins
8:00 Field opens - Registration for Amateur Scottish Athletic events (at Heavy Athletics Tent)
  Piping & Drumming competition begins
8:30 Highland Dancing competition begins 
9:00 Registration for Battle Axe competition
9:30 Pro. Scottish Heavy Athletic Competitions begin
10:00 OPENING CEREMONIES - Presentation of the Honored Guests with the Loch Norman Pipe Band, Scottish American Military Society Post #1775 and the 78th Fraser Highlanders (on the Main Field)
Celtic entertainment begins (Celtic Music Tent)
11:00 The Scottish Country Dancing Tent opens with dancing until 3:00 pm Carolinas Open Premier Highland Dancing competition begins
Kilt Dedication  (at Clan Henderson Tent)
12:00 Heavy Stone Lift & Carry (on the Main Field)
Massed Pipe Bands performance (on the Main Field)
12:30 Flag Retirement Ceremony (on the Main Field)
 Scotch Whisky Seminar (in the Cultural Center)
1:30 Pipe Band Competition
Sheep Herding demonstration (on Main Field)
Long Bow competition (Historic Encampment)
Scottish Whisky Seminar (in Cultural Center)*
1:45 Registration closes for Amateur Wrestling
2:00 Amateur Wrestling competition (on Main Field)
Women's Battle Axe competition
3:00 Men's Battle Axe competition
3:30 Tug-of-War begins on the Athletic Field
3:30 Whiskies of the World (in the Cultural Center)*
4:30 Presentation of Medals & Awards for Pipe Bands & Scottish Athletic competitions
6:30 Celtic Jam (in Celtic Music Tent)
8:00 Scottish Country Dancing Gala at Hopewell Presbyterian Church

Sunday, April 9th

8:00 Field opens at Rural Hill
Registration for Amateur Heavy Athletics (at Heavy Athletics Tent)
9:00 Qualifying for Amateur Heavy Athletics (9:00 - 12:00)
Registration for Kilted Mile at the Athletic Tent
Worship service at the Rural Hill Burying Ground
Highland Dancing competition begins
10:00 Practice throws at Battle Axe until 11:30
10:30 Celtic entertainment begins (Celtic Music Tent)
11:00 Best Clan Tent Award
12:00  The Parade of Tartans and Massed Band Performance
12:00 Scottish Country Dancing tent opens with demonstrations and instructions
12:30 Amateur Scottish Athletic Competition
1:00 Kilted Races (on the Main Field)
1:30 Shepherding demonstration (on Main Field)
Scottish Whisky Seminar (in Cultural Center)*
2:30 Challenge Match at Battle Axe (entry fee required)
3:00 Flag Retirement Ceremony (on the Main Field) 3:30 Whiskies of the World (in the Cultural Center)*
4:00 Presentation of Awards at Reviewing Stand
4:30  Closing Ceremonies at the Cairn

*Additional Fee / Ticket Required


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