Map & Schedule of Events


Time Event
7:30             Piping and Drumming registration begins
8:00 Field opens - Registration for Amateur Scottish Athletic events (at Heavy Athletics Tent)
Piping & Drumming competition begins
8:30 Highland Dancing competition begins
9:00 Registration for Battle Axe competition
9:30 Professional, “A” Amateur, and Women’s Heavy Athletic Competitions begin
Presentation of the Honored Guests with the Loch Norman Pipe Band, Scottish American Military Society Post #1775 and the 78th Fraser Highlanders (on the Main Field)
Celtic entertainment begins (Celtic Music Tent)
11:00 The Scottish Country Dancing Tent opens with dancing until 3:00 pm
Carolinas Open Premier Highland Dancing competition begins
Kilt Dedication (at Clan Henderson Tent)
12:00 Heavy Stone Lift & Carry (on the Main Field)
Massed Pipe Bands performance (on the Main Field)
12:30 Flag Retirement Ceremony (on the Main Field)
1:30 Pipe Band Competition
Shepherding demonstration (on Main Field)
Long Bow competition (Historic Encampment)
Scottish Whisky Seminar (in Cultural Center)*
1:45 Registration closes for Amateur Wrestling
2:00 Amateur Wrestling competition (on Main Field)
Women’s Battle Axe competition
3:00 Men’s Battle Axe competition
3:30 Tug-of-War begins on the Athletic Field
Whiskies of the World (in the Cultural Center)*


Time Event
8:00             Registration for Amateur Heavy Athletics at the Heavy Athletics Tent
9:00 Qualifying for Amateur Heavy Athletics begins
Registration for Kilted Mile at the Athletic Tent
Worship service at the Rural Hill Burying Ground (In Cultural Center in event of rain)
Highland Dancing competition begins
10:00 Practice throws at Battle Axe until 11:30
10:30 Celtic entertainment begins (Celtic Music Tent)
11:00 Best Clan Tent Award
12:00 The Parade of Tartans and Massed Band Performance
Scottish Country Dancing tent opens with demonstrations and                 instructions
12:30 Amateur Scottish Athletic Competition
1:00 Kilted Races (on the Main Field)
1:30 Shepherding demonstration (on Main Field)
Scotch Whisky Seminar (in Cultural Center)*
2:30 Challenge Match at Battle Axe (entry fee required)
3:00 Flag Retirement Ceremony (on the Main Field)
4:00 Presentation of Awards at Reviewing Stand
4:30 Closing Ceremonies at the Cairn
6:00 Volunteer Muster**